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Civil Engineer Surveying

Founded in Italy in 1993 - Topos Canada partners have activity carried out over two thousand topographic surveys (100.000 ha) mapped at various scales for a wide range of clients. The professionals at Topos have experience in Celerimetric Surveys, GPS, high precision Geo-Metric leveling, bathymetric surveys, Aero Photogrammetric, Cadastral cartography.

Since 2013 - Drone mapping system and image processing through matching software with the aim of obtaining an infinity of topographic information with high precision accuracy (3-5 cm).

Founded in Canada in 2021 -  co-founded by Anthony Cringoli, Canadian partner of Topos Italy, to offer professional and innovative topographic and green engineering services to the entire Canadian territory.

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Montagna Drone

Drone Survey

Volume calculation with detailed profiles;

Aero Photogrammetric cartography with dimensional stereo-restitution:

Orthophotos overlapping with cadastral or with tables of a plan;

3D representation of bridges and buildings etc..;

Thermographic surveys for agriculture, construction, solar, electrical;

Engineered Grading Plan

Engineered Site and Lot Grading Plans

Commercial and Residential Buildings

-  Pre-consultation with the municipality;

- Field Survey;

- Preparing Site and Grading Plan; 

- Submission of Building Permit application;

- Technical Review by authorities;

- Permit Issued;

Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

Topos Canada boasts the presence of experienced surveyors, capable of using most types of surveying equipment (Total Station, Gps, LaserScanner, etc..).        Our company has no territorial limits, available to perform topographic surveys throughout the Canadian and Italian territory.

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Thermographic surveys for Solar and Electrical detect abnormally high temperatures and are a non-disruptive way of inspecting installations, so your business operation isn't affected.


Energy Storage

Designs for the accumulation of electrical energy with storage batteries for Buildings, Wind and Photovoltaic systems

Wind Turbines Foundation

Wind Turbines 

Topographic Survey for the design, construction, and monitoring of the Wind Turbines and associated access roads with Total Station 1” and Electronic Digital Level.

Bathymetric Survey


Bathymetric surveys allow us to measure the depth of a water body as well as map the underwater features of a water body. Multiple methods can be used for bathymetric surveys: Multi-beam surveying: A multibeam echo sounder attached to a boat sends out a wide array of beams across a "swath" of the waterbody floor.

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Green Engineering


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